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What to pay attention to when using a folding awning


Folding awnings are not unfamiliar to everyone. Just li […]

Folding awnings are not unfamiliar to everyone. Just like umbrellas, they are just folded, which is convenient to carry and carry and can be placed everywhere. But remind everyone to follow the steps when using it to prevent damage caused by improper operation or clip. Ningbo Qiafeng Leisure Products Co., Ltd. introduces some issues that should be paid attention to before using the folding awning.

1. Check the screws of the horizontal tube part of the advertising awning before use. Check if the bottom is stable and smooth.

2. The two-folding awning legs are wrapped with tape without binding, otherwise the tape will still seriously affect the slippage of the sleeve and the tent feet.

3. During use, if any single flat bend or bracket is found, the use of mutation should be stopped immediately, and maintenance can be continued after troubleshooting. Make sure to use a safe place.

Fourth, running on the platform of several tents should be advertising tents, the legs or ropes between the tents of the advertising tents and Karzai, make it a whole to strengthen its ability and resist wind force. Folding applications also require flexible control of your tent to achieve the best economic results.

Fifth, pay attention to opening the package, do not blindly use the sword, it is easy to cause the wind to blow the tarpaulin folding tent. The folding application will bring you the most practical use value.

6. For outdoor operation, special attention should be paid to the feet that retract the feet, so as to effectively prevent the internal wind damage, or fixed with sandbags. To prevent damage due to weather conditions.

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