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The advantages of awnings


The material of the bracket must be firm, then the firm […]

The material of the bracket must be firm, then the firm awning must first be protected by solid materials, and every link such as the support rod, transmission rod, and folding arm parts is extremely important. It is to choose high-quality all-stainless steel when choosing materials The material is suitable, including screws, torsion resistance should be strong, the exposed part of the folding arm should also have anti-corrosion coating, and the sunshade cloth must be tough and durable, then the sunshade cloth should be flexible, strong and durable However, the use of polyacrylic fiber woven sunshade cloth is *suitable, not easy to break or break away from the bracket, and color fastness*, even if it is not easy to fade after the wind and snow baptism, then it must *have effective guidance The overall structure of the pressure is that the rain and snow weather will exert a strong pressure on the awning. If there is no structure that can relieve the pressure, even a strong awning will not stand the test of time. Therefore, the blind pursuit of sealing is also not not good. A awning with a rain channel can be selected, so that you don’t have to be afraid of rain, so it can effectively drain when the ice and snow melt.

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